Yoga and Knee Pain Solution

Every year, about 11 million Americans complain to doctors about knee pain. Roughly 21 million American people have osteoarthritis of the knee (a degenerative disease in which the cartilage gradually decays and fails to provide the shock absorbing padding that cushions the bones). Orthopedic surgeons performed more than 1.2 million such surgeries in 1996 alone.
In a year, about 11 million Americans complain to doctors about knee pain. Roughly 21 million American people have osteoarthritis of the knee (a degenerative disease in which the cartilage gradually decays and fails to provide the shock absorbing padding that cushions the bones). Orthopedic surgeons performed more than 1.2 million such surgeries in 1996 alone.

Many older people suffer from this painful arthritic condition, however this knee pain is not only restricted to older people but healthy young people are also getting effected by it, for example dancers, athlete for various reason.

Reason for knee injuries/ pain

Lets see what are the reason that people get knee pain. Most common risk factor for knee pain are old age, obesity, knee injuries because of hyperextension , misalignment of knee, inappropriate way of doing exercise, tight muscles or because of combination of above factors etc.

Hyperextension at the knee joint occur when the joints are overly flexible. In this case legs extend too far and move past the point of being straight. Some people may be born with this condition however most people develop it by habitually locking their knee.

Knee injuries can also occur because the way we stand and walk. For example when we stand straight we need to be aware that whether our body weight is distributed properly on both feet or not. It is not very uncommon to observe that one side of heals of people shoes is wearing out more than the other side creating imbalance at the knee joint.

Imbalance at knee joint also occurs because of underdeveloped inner quadriceps and strong outer quadriceps. In this case tendency of strong quadriceps is to pull the kneecap towards the outside of legs I.e. result in imbalance.

Knee joints in our body can be healthy if the muscles that support them are healthy I.e. both strong and supple. Tight outer hips and hamstrings put undue pressure pressure on knee joints. Athletic activity cause these muscles to tighten up and along with the aging process condition become worse (unless proper stretching are done after each workout when body is warm).

Yoga provide effective solution

Yoga is excellent for increasing strength and flexibility in knees. More and more doctors are recommending yoga to their patients who are rehabilitating after a ligament injury.

The benefit with yoga is that it helps to strengthen both the inner and outer quadriceps, which help to keep the kneecap in alignment. It strengthens the quadriceps, the hamstrings, the calves and the ankles- all fairly consistently. Strength in these areas all help to support a weak knee.

Another benefit that yoga give for the knees is the increase in blood flow and nourishment that it sends to the surrounding joints and ligaments. As with most poses in yoga, the action of squeezing a body part, and then releasing it, sends lots of nutrient rich blood to the area that was affected in the posture. Many postures do this for the knees in yoga.

Yoga posture like staff pose(Dandasana),Half downward facing dog pose (Ardha Adho Mukha Svanasana),Seat of power pose (Utkatasana Pose), simple balancing pose, Half frog pose (Ardha Bhekasana) etc can be very helpful for rejuvenating knee joints.

Practiced with care, yoga posture can contribute to the long-term health of your knees by strengthening your quadriceps, opening your stiff hips, and teaching your body improved alignment and movement patterns that transfer into your everyday activities.

Note: It is important to practice yoga with caution. Initially Some yoga posture for example, padmasana and yoga style like Ashtanga yoga mysore can be avoided. Yoga posture that are done incorrectly can actually injure the knee.

Remember most important rule in practicing yoga posture is that any slightest pain is indication from you body that something is wrong and come out of it. If starting yoga practice, it is strongly recommended that you begin in presence of qualified yoga teacher and do listen to your doctor advise.

Issued in public interest by Subodh Gupta yoga expert based in London.

Mr Subodh Gupta, Corporate Yoga Trainer has conducted more than 500 workshops on Yoga and Stress Management. He has been interviewed by various TV channels in India and London.
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The Significance Of the Yoga Outfit

Whether you are a newbie or even a master practitioner of Yoga being well prepared for each and every yoga session is utterly crucial. You may not think that not a lot of contemplation is necessary while preparing to attend your yoga workouts however making the right choices may help make it a good deal more fun and more importantly, make it much more comfy. while preparing for the yoga session you have to look at the clothes that you will wear and although it is true that you can turn up to your yoga training donning anything at all that you admire, wearing the right kind of yoga clothes could make your experience considerably more comfy. Probably one of the most essential and most ignored item that you will have to take into account before you start your class is actually which kind of yoga shorts you can put on. It may well have never occurred to you that your shorts can easily have a significant part in your session, and during this quick guide I really hope to clarify precisely why.

During this day and age it is common for a multitude of clothing to be for sale to the day-to-day yoga fanatic, with long pants being the most popular option amongst a lot of people because they can hide bits of the body that you don't want to uncover. A few pants reach the ankles while others merely below the knee nevertheless they almost all have got something in common- the majority of pants are extremely form fitting and may be somewhat unflattering occasionally and not to mention warm and sticky whenever practicing yoga in warm surroundings. You could nonetheless decide to wear some loosely fitting slacks however these stop your own trainer from viewing your own joints quickly and will help to make correcting your own stance somewhat difficult. Therefore what's the choice? Would you endure the discomfort brought on by long pants to enable you to be advised effortlessly? Or Would you benefit from the cover of slacks while not having the full advantage of a teacher?

The obvious choice would be to do neither and choose what's essentially the most sensible option out there. Yoga shorts tend to be absolutely great if you want to exercise yoga pleasantly, since they help you stay cool during the hotter times and may offer the actual cover that you might be trying to find. Provided that the actual shorts can cover your butt and are not produced from a material which ride up while you carry out your workout routines then you will benefit from wearing them instead of sporting long pants or trousers. Yoga shorts will help you look at the actual positioning of your lower body since your knees and ankles which usually tend to be covered up with long pants are uncovered. This will help you make excellent progress in your yoga lessons, particularly if you're just beginning.

For anyone searching for a set of yoga shorts, you'll be pleased to know that they are obtainable in a variety of forms of materials, designs, shades and measurements. Probably the most trendy amongst you will also note that discovering stylish yoga shorts is not a problem in today's marketplace, with the internet being a particularly great supply of info concerning the types accessible.

So to review! Should you be after comprehensive ease and comfort when exercising yoga then yoga shorts appear to offer the very best choice with regard to ease and comfort. Not Sure? Try it out simply because I'm sure that you will definitely not regret it.
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Could Yoga Bring Benefits To Your Life And Health?

We all live stress filled lives? Many of us want to become fit, healthier and would like to weigh less. Could yoga help us to achieve some of these wants as well as

bring benefits to our life and our health?
The practice of yoga is growing more and more popular each day. People are learning that it has many emotional and health benefits. It also has many therapeutic and

preventive benefits.
You may all ready know that yoga is a great way to relax. The stretches, the poses, the quiet music the whole process can relax our minds and our bodies.Of course, relaxation is the key to learning how to deal with stress. Relaxation also helps our body to cope with many health problems such as depression, high blood pressure, and tension that fills our muscles and can result and overall aches and pains.
You may realize that yoga is a great way to learn flexibility techniques. The different poses learned can help to build strength in various joints and muscles throughout
one's bodies. This flexibility that is learned can help the body at work and at play. It can help the body to move better, to bend better and to have more strength.
Yoga stresses quality of movement of the quantity. This makes it ideal for many people.
If you are looking for a new way to achieve a better, healthier you? Could yoga bring benefits to your life and your health? Why not see how flexible you really are

and learn some new yoga moves and poses today? Your mind and body may thank you
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Staying Young With Yoga

Yoga is probably one of the best exercises to get into if you
want to maintain a beautiful figure even
in old age. There are moves you can do, and although they
may look easy, these modified standing yoga poses can be quite challenging. Balancing
helps improve posture, strengthen your core, and sharpen your focus. Breathe into
the pose and free yourself from worries. A focused mind and awareness to
the present are vital in performing these various balance poses. To start with, here
are simple moves to master:

The Leg Lift
For your initial pose, plant your left foot on the floor
and place your left hand on your left hip. Bend your right leg and gently hold your
right knee with your right hand. Keep this up for five full breaths. If you want to
take it up a notch, bring your bent leg to the side. Hold for another five breaths,
and then bring your leg to the front and place it back down on the floor. Repeat this
very same process with your other leg.

The Tree
For your starting pose, raise your right foot and plant it on your left inner
thigh. Bring your hands to prayer position on your chest and hold for five
breaths, while maintaining your balance. To take it up a notch and give
yourself a real challenge, extend both arms above your head while keeping your
prayer position. Make sure to keep your shoulders down and away from your ears, and
your chest lifted. Allow five full breaths once more, then lower your arms and bent
leg, and then switch sides.

One Foot with Extended Leg
To start with, place your hands on your hips and make sure your body is straight,
shoulder pulled down, and chest lifted. To up the ante and go a bit further, lift
your left leg, and concentrate on keeping the weight on your standing leg. If
this is too easy for you, bring your lifted leg higher. Hold for five breaths, then
repeat the process with the other leg.

There are also other things you can do. To help you get a sexier rear,
follow a smart diet, take a 30-minute daily walk or engage in some other cardio
exercise, and do a toning workout in the comfort of your very own home on a regular
basis. Of course, it also helps to gear up. When you’re working out and getting bored,
try bringing your mp3 player. Tune in to your favorite music, and exercising won’t
seem like any trouble at home. In fact, you may even look forward to your next workout
schedule. Be a workout genius with a sports sensor built into your shoes. This can
actually be your own personal gym DJ. The sensor tracks how you run, so it can also
choose the songs to match your pace. This mini-trainer also gives you the proper
feedback in the form of time, distance, pace, and calories burned, during and after
you run. Having all these in your gym bag could actually make exercise seem like
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What can Yoga do for you?

From its Indian origins as far back as 4000 years ago, yoga has been continually practised but it is only in the present century that its use has become more widespread. Yoga has an effect on the whole person,combining the physical, mental and spiritual sides. The word 'yoga' is derived from a Sanskrit word that means 'yoke' or 'union' and thus reflects on the practices of yoga being total in effect. For many hundreds of years in India, only a select few, such as philosophers and like-minded people with their disciples followed the way of life that yoga dictated. The leaders were known as 'yogis' and it was they who taught their followers by passing on their accumulated knowledge. These small groups of people dwelt in caves or woods, or sometimes a yogi would live like a hermit. Yoga has had quite far reaching effects over many hundreds of years in India.

The basics of yoga were defined by a yogi called Patanjali who lived about 300BC. He was a very well respected teacher and commanded great influence at that time and his classification is one that is used now. He established the fact of yoga being separated into eight different parts. The first two concern a person's lifestyle, which should be serene with the days spent in contemplation, study, maintaining cleanliness and living very simply and at peace with others. Anything that involves avarice or greed or is harmful to others has to be avoided. The third and fourth parts are concerned with physical matters and list a number of exercises that are designed to promote peace and infuse energy into both the mind and the body. The remaining four sections are concerned with the advancement of a person's soul or spirit and mental faculties by being able to isolate himself or herself from outside worries and normal life, contemplation and broadening mental faculties with the ultimate knowledge known as somadhi. Mentally, this is a complete change that gives final realization of existence. Much more recently, yoga became available in India to everyone, in complete contrast to centuries ago.

Nowadays, the practice of yoga is not restricted to India alone, with millions of people worldwide being followers. There are five different types of yoga: raja, jnana, karma, bakti and hatha. It is this last system that is known in the west and it involves the use of exercises and positions. The other methods concentrate on matters, such as control over the mind, appreciation and intelligence or a morally correct way of life. These other methods are regarded as being of equal importance by the person completely committed to yoga as a way of life. Many people have little or no spiritual feeling. However, the basic belief in yoga is the importance of mental attitudes in establishing the physical from exercise.

It is a belief in yoga that the body's essence of life, or prana, is contained in the breath. Through a change in the way of breathing there can be a beneficial effect on the general health. If a person is in a heightened, emotional condition, or similar state, this will have an effect on the breathing. Therefore, if the breathing is controlled or altered, this should promote joint feelings of peace or calm, both mentally and emotionally. There is a variety of exercises and each promotes different types of breathing, such as the rib cage, shoulder and diaphragm. Some of the movements and stances in use were originally devised from the observations of animals, since they appeared to be adept at relaxation and moved with minimum effort. These stances which are maintained for one two minutes, aim to increase freedom of movement and make the person aware of the various parts of the body and any stress that may be present. It is not intended that they be physically tiring or that the person should 'show off' in front of others. The aim is to concentrate on self knowledge.

It is recommended to follow some simple rules when practicing yoga. First use a fully qualified therapist and practise daily if at all possible. It is always best that yoga is undertaken before mealtimes but if this is not possible then three hours must elapse after a large meal or one hour after a light meal. Comfortable clothes are essential and a folded blanket or thick rug should be placed on the ground as the base. Before commencing yoga have a bath or shower and repeat this afterwords to gain the maximum benefit. If the bladder or bowels are full it is not advisable to do yoga. Should the person have been outside on a hot or sunny day it is not recommended that yoga is practiced straight afterwords, as feelings of sickness or dizziness may occur.

Yoga is believed to be of benefit to anyone, providing that they possess determination and patience. If a person has certain physical limitations then these must be taken into account with regard to their expectation but there is no age barrier. Teachers believe that people suffering from stress or disorder in their lives are in greater need of a time of harmony and peace. Yoga was used in the main to encourage health in the physical and mental states and thereby act as a preventative therapy. Tension or stress was one of the main disorders for which it was used but nowadays it has been used for differing disorders hypertension, bronchitis, back pain, headaches, asthma, heart disorders, premenstrual tension and an acid stomach. Trials have also been conducted to assess its potential in treating some illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and depression experienced after childbirth. Since the effects of tension are often shown by the tightening and contraction of muscles, the stretching exercises that are performed in yoga are able to release it. Also, being aware of each muscle as it is stretched encourages the person to mentally lose any stress or problems with which they have been beset. Suppleness is developed by the exercises through the use of the bending and twisting actions. This will help to maintain healthy joints, particularly for those people who lead inactive lives.

There should be no strain felt and after practice some or all of them can be done in order. As mentioned previously, it is best to check with a qualified therapist if the person is an expectant mother, suffers from hypertension, is overweight or is having their monthly period.

I have already mentioned that yoga has been used to treat some illnesses, such as rheumatoid arthritis and if a person has such a severe disorder, then a highly skilled and experienced therapist is essential. Since this form of yoga, known as therapeutic yoga, is new there is a limited number of suitably experienced therapists available. For those who wish to use yoga to maintain mental and physical health, joining a class with an instructor is perhaps the best way to proceed, so the exercises are performed correctly and any lapses in concentration can be corrected. These classes last usually in the region of an hour and are separated into sessions for beginners and those who are more proficient. Proficiency and progress are achieved by frequent practice, which can be done at home between lessons.

The majority of doctors regard yoga as a type of exercise that is beneficial, although some do recommend patients to refer to yoga practitioners. However, if a specific disorder is to be treated, it is very important that the ailment should first be seen by a doctor.
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Yoga For Digestive Disorders

Yoga is a very ancient form of exercise which has great abilities to provide solutions to several health related problems even today. This is the reason why great many numbers of people have been practicing yoga regularly for years and living a healthy life, not just healthy body but also healthy mind.

Yoga aims at working towards bringing a balance in mind and body of a person, 'yoga' the word itself means union, i.e. union of body and mind for a healthy living. There is no organ in the body that yoga exercises do not address. Yoga exercises can give relief virtually from any ailment, relating to any organ of the body.

This applies even to gastrointestinal problems faced by us regularly. Yoga for digestive system has a set of exercises or positions, 'asanas' that can provide you complete relief, be it the 'IBS' or irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, heartburns, etc.
Yoga and ayurveda in combination can not just give you relief but also provide you with perfect medication and complete cure from several stomach and digestive order related ailments.

Yoga for digestive disorders is a set of exercises; your yoga instructor will teach you. These 'asana' require to be done exactly as taught by the instructor so that you can get complete relief from your problems, the instructor will teach you how long you require to remain in a certain position, the breathing during this position and the way to bring yourself to normal position.

Yoga exercises are not like allopathic medicines which generally provide you short term but instantaneous relief, these exercises will take a week to become completely effective, but you can be assured that you will be completely cured from your gastro-intestinal problems. As a beginner you will have to work towards perfecting your asanas once that it done, you are allowed to practice yoga all by yourself at home.

Yoga therapy prescribes several asanas that might affect your digestion problems, these range to deep breathing exercises to increase oxygen in blood as well as bring breathing in sync with the metabolic system (pranayam) as well as several asanas that address stomach problems directly like the 'Dhanurasana' which makes you put entire weight on your stomach, thus toning stomach muscles and making these stronger as well as to digest food better and cleanse system of left over food, etc. for beginners there are asanas like the 'ardha dharnurasan' half of the dhanurasan where you require to lift only the upper torso to rest its weight on stomach.

Almost all gastro-intestinal ailments like the ulcers, indigestion, GERD, digestive disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc. everything can be treated by yoga exercises. You can start feeling the change within a day or two of starting the exercises.
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Importance Of Kirtans In Yoga Music

Since ages, yoga and meditation has been the reason for a person's mental and physical well being. With yoga and mediation, an individual can experience inner peace of mind as his senses are rejuvenated. The pessimist traits are effaced and the practitioner experiences a positive vibe from within. Meditation controls tensions and relieves an individual from stress and finally guides him/her to the spiritual insight.

In realms of yoga, music plays an important role. Music develops a positive, devotional attitude, and in yoga sessions, music become just an instrument of higher inspiration. Music and sound affects on the energetic and cellular level of the individual. Soothing tones and specific rhythms can create a feeling of peaceful environment, an atmosphere which spontaneously relaxes the body and mind, enhancing the ability to concentrate, meditate etc. Through their content, music have the capability to influence the subtle energy fields within the listening mind and direct the consciousness towards a mystic high. The chanted verses like Bhajans and Kirtans create a serene atmosphere. With the melodies of a yoga music, the mantras or chants and the devotional content they include, evoke powerful and inspiring mood.

Kirtan is an important aspect of yoga. It is not an intellectual yoga, but each and every sound that is produced in kirtan goes deep into the consciousness of a human mind. Like meditation music, Kirtan echoes deeply within and create a blissful state of consciousness. It is a sacred soundscape that inspires peace and develop a sense of connectedness. The practice of kirtan is a mystic and spiritual journey, a yogic voyage. By meditating on the mantras and on the sounds of Kirtans one can reach a state far beyond the chores and worries of this mundane world.

The chanting of Kirtan is generally accompanied by traditional Indian instruments such as the harmonium, tablas, caratals, tamboura and sitar together with western instruments such as the guitar and flute. The style of music is created by these traditional instruments will allow one to experience a naturally blissful state. A mind can feel rejuvenated and experience the inner peace. A spiritual kind of music, Kirtan can lift a listener to joyous state. One can liberate himself from blocks and complexes with Kirtan. Through absorption on transcendental sound produced by Kirtan, one can be able to lead a voyage to that pure space beyond time and experience the eternal bliss.

Kirtan is believed to be the sacred sound of meditation and relaxation. Yoga is also incomplete without kirtan. Kirtan is neither religious chanting, nor is it just singing one word numerous times. Rather, it is a part of nada yoga, the yoga of sound, in which one produces sound waves and follow them with his awareness. Incorporating Kirtan in different Yoga forms, Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, is an ancient tradition. By singing kirtan one can withdraw himself from all the material bindings of possessions and relations. His thoughts get transcended to higher realms and he can experience the freedom from the disturbances of mind. The spirit based chanting, Kirtan, is one form of spiritual music that has a powerful healing and transformational energies. The Kirtan chants can help to connect one to the omnipresent being that lies within all of us. The mantras, melodies, and instruments of kirtan are designed to lead one towards a meditative state. It can be thus concluded that Kitran in Yoga music plays a significant role.

There are different kind of music companies, engaged into offering variety of yoga and meditation music CDs and DVDs. Spirit Voyage is one of the pioneer online music store that tends to take a listening mind a mystic high. The various yoga and meditation music CDs offered by Spirit Voyage is a direct link to the spirit. Voices of the artistes like Snatam Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, Satkirin Kaur Khalsa, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, WAH! and others strike the deepest chords of a listening mind and ignites ever lasting peace. Different CDs and Yoga DVD collections offered by Spirit Voyage guides one to gather newer insights about yoga and meditation. Choose from the wide Yoga DVD collection and explore the spiritual sides of yoga. Spirit Voyage Yoga books will also help you to carry out the different yoga poses and asanas with perfection. There are books on Kundalini Yoga, General Yoga and Yoga for children. These yoga books provide in-depth knowledge about the respective yoga forms and aid one to explore the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.
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Yoga's Twist and Turns Benefits Scoliosis Patients

Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousand of years. It is an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice with its roots in India going back 5,000 years. Yoga, is derived from the Sanskrit root word "Yujir Yogey", meaning yoke or union. It includes the physical postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation that has many physical benefits such as improved posture, increased flexibility, and strength.
By combining the yoga postures with breathing awareness, one can develop symmetrical alignment of the body. This is accomplished by stretching muscles that have tightened and that have become weak from asymmetrical imbalance. With good structural balance, the body will create a more effortless posture using the bone structure, rather than overworking the muscles to hold itself up.
Yoga is highly therapeutic. Some of the ailments that can be relieved through the practice of Yoga include hyper-acidity, allergies, Alzheimer's disease, anemia, anger, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bronchitis, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, common cold, constipation, and even depression.
Other ailments that can be relieved by yoga practice inclue:
� Diabetes
� Epilepsy
� Eye problems
� Facial wrinkles
� Gastrointestinal disorders
� Headaches
� Heartburn
� Hemorrhoids
� Hepatitis
� High blood pressure
� Hypertension
� Weak immune system
� Impotence
� Menopause
� Menstrual cramps
� Migraines
� Multiple sclerosis
� Various skin problems

Yoga practitioners also claim that the practice of the ancient exercise system is a good therapy for scoliosis. Through yoga, one can find that balance point which allows the scoliosis curve to coexist with gravity and activates the body's natural plumb line. The result for most people is better posture and less pain.
Scoliosis is a medical term taken from a Greek word meaning 'curvature.' This disease often develops during childhood and causes the spine to curve laterally (to the side) to the left or right. The spine's normal curves occur at the cervical (neck), thoracic (chest), and lumbar regions (lower back). These natural curves position the head over the pelvis and work as shock absorbers to distribute mechanical stress during movement.
Scoliosis only affects a small percentage of the population, or approximately two percent of the entire U.S. population. However, it has been found that scoliosis may be hereditary. If someone in the family has scoliosis, the likelihood of an incidence of another case in another family member is approximately 20 percent. The traditional medical management of scoliosis is determined by the severity of the curvature, skeletal maturity, and likelihood of progression. The conventional options are initially through observation, followed by bracing and surgery, and these procedures cost a lot.
Although many exercises help in reducing the scoliosis-related problems, yoga immediately helps improve the problem of uneven curves and is now considered to be the best scoliosis exercise. Yoga postures are helpful for providing relief from scoliosis because they enable us to stretch our body and help regain the normal shape of the spine. The most effective yoga exercises for the treatment of scoliosis-related problems include the Crocodile Twist, the Supine Knee Chest Twist, the Passive Back Arch and the One Leg Up-One Leg Out Posture. These exercises are very helpful in raising one's lowered shoulder and reducing the back pain.
Psychologically, doing yoga is very empowering. It gives hope that we can do something to improve our condition and our quality of living. Yoga is a way of life. Choosing to do yoga for scoliosis therapy requires commitment and inner awareness. With scoliosis, it is important not expect perfection but instead accept oneself, and find one's own optimal alignment and center. As there is beauty in the straight alignment of a palm tree, there is also beauty of an oak tree, or human being, with it's many twists and turns.
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High Energy Yoga Music

Yoga is the ancient spiritual practice that tends to unite the mind, body and soul of the individual. A yoga practitioner, with the different yoga asanas, can experience inner harmony and a spiritual insight. By integrating body, mind and spirit, yoga offers emotional stability and clarity of mind. Meditation, an integral part of yoga, ceases the fluctuations of the mind and an individual can discover the all-encompassing stillness.

Yoga music is one of the key components to any type of yoga. Since the origin of yoga in India, various musical instruments were used that complemented the yoga sessions. Since then, music has become an integral and inseparable part of yoga sessions. In contemporary times, right kind of yoga as well as meditation music, by calming the ambiance, tunes the listening mind and enhances the ability to concentrate and meditate. Music is believed to be a great healer and concentrator. Thus, in the realms of yoga, music integrates the body and the mind. Music produces a vibration that penetrates into the deeper levels and influence the energy fields within the body. A calm and soothing yoga music helps a practitioner to relax and improves strength, clarity, and inner peace of the mind. The specific tones and waves provide a foundation that help to clear the mind of thought.

Spirit Voyage is an online music company engaged in offering a various kind of yoga music CDs and DVDs. As a pioneer record label company, Spirit Voyage offers a numerous collection of CDs and DVDs on yoga and meditation. Popular artistes namely WAH!, Nirinjan Kaur, Satkirin Kaur Khalsa and many others have lend their voice in these CDs and DVDs. Kundalini Yoga Music or Sanskrit Mantras, Downtempo & Chill Music or Instrumental Yoga Music - browse through the different categories and find the perfect companion for your daily session. The High Energy Yoga Grooves by Spirit Voyage is lively, uplifting and inspiring. Collection of Cds like Truth by Mantra Girl, Drums on Fire by James Asher, Yoga Rhythms by Shiva Rea, Chakradance by Jonathan Goldman, Sound and Spirit by WAH! will help a practitioner to easily connect oneself to higher spheres and open meditative and religious moods in him.

The meditation music from Spirit Voyage is designed to soothe the mind, body and spirit. The different kind of CDs and DVDs are specified for specific meditative practices. The Kundalini Sadhana Music CDs or the Healing and Massage Therapy Music CDs, meditation music for relaxation or the Japji Sahib & Daily Banis - all contributes to deep relaxation and create an environment apt for deep meditation, thus calming and relaxing the body and mind.

Spirit Voyage offers Yoga DVDs which are superb guide for practicing yoga and mediation at home. A General Yoga DVD or an Ashtanga Yoga DVD will benefit you by guiding you with the exact postures, thus helping in the development of strength and flexibility. The Kundalini Yoga DVDs offered by Spirit Voyage feature teachings from top Kundalini teachers like Yogi Bhajan, Snatam Kaur, Gurmukh and others. A Kundalini Yoga DVD from Spirit Voyage incorporates mantras that helps to tune your body thus rightly complement your yoga sessions.

Yoga and meditation allows one to come in conscious contact with the soul and experience the true 'Self". Yoga and meditation helps one to grow spiritually which in turn brings peace of mind and fills the life with all vigor and real joy. Repetition of mantras and sacred words purify the mind and strengthen the mental concentration. With Spirit Voyage Music, experience the inner communion with the soul. Experience the feeling of Divine joy with mystic music from Spirit Voyage.
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Yoga For Children: 3 Meditations

Let's say you've just finished practicing your daily round of yoga in the classroom with your students, or you've just finished watching a kids yoga DVD at home with your 5-year-old. It's important that children learn about healthy ways to relax and center early on. That's why it's a good idea to follow-up yoga for children with a session of quiet time in the form of meditation. While meditation may seem like an intense undertaking for a little one, it's actually quite achievable and highly effective. Here are three meditations that are great for either evening relaxation or concluding a session of yoga in the classroom:

1. Sitting Meditation- two to ten minutes

Sit cross-legged, with your back straight and face forward. Clasp your hands and let them rest in your lap and close your eyes. Breathe in and out evenly and easily. Count each breath, in and out, until you've reached 50 counts (or as many as you like).

Count 1- breathe in
Count 2- breathe out
Count 3- breathe in

And so on...

To finish, take a final deep breath in, slowly let it out, open your eyes, stand up, and stretch.

2. Lying Down Meditation- two to ten minutes

Lying face-up on a blanket or comfortable mat, stretch out on your back. Close your eyes and let your body go completely limp. Remaining still and relaxed with eyes closed, imagine yourself walking into a park on a beautiful afternoon.

In your mind, just feel yourself standing still for a moment, then seeing a child on a swing going back and forth in a steady rhythm. Enjoy the comfortable feeling in your body that is lying so relaxed and undisturbed. Feel present and whole in your resting body.

When you're ready, gradually come back to your active self by taking a deep breath, opening your eyes, stretching out your limbs, and sitting up.

3. Walking Meditation- at least two minutes

This meditation has two parts that combine to coordinate body-mind functioning and to energize the body. These parts are breathing and walking. The goal is to focus on easy, even breaths and walking with your arms and legs in balanced opposition. Walk briskly while swinging arms back and forth effortlessly. When your right foot steps forward, your left arm should swing forward, and vice versa.

While walking, concentrate on breathing evenly in and out. To finish, stretch your arms overhead, then bring them down to the side. Continue going about your day.

Just as meditation is an important aspect of yoga for adults, it also plays an important role in yoga for children. Whether you watch a kids yoga DVD at home with your children, or you practice yoga in the classroom with your students, always try to conclude each practice with at least a few minutes of meditation. This gives children a healthful coping and relaxing mechanism that they can use throughout their lives.
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Yoga for Women

Yoga has been one of the foremost ways of attaining a balanced mind, body and soul for many years now. Yoga integrates the body with the inner consciousness. For its proven scientific base and methodology, yoga has been thoroughly popular since many years. One can unite his own consciousness with the universal consciousness. The highest state of spirituality becomes clearer through this gradual process of self-realization. One can easily control his/her mind, body and soul by practicing any form of yoga, Kundalini yoga, Kriya yoga or Hatha yoga.

Yoga music plays a pivotal role in aiding the entire process of meditation. Music has the power to turn away tensions, stresses. Music has the power to bring out a person from her current state to a state of oneness with god. Music is universal, and when it is teamed up with yoga it can emancipate a person from all the worldly worries and thoughts. Music has a tremendous impact on all three types of yoga structures such as yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises. With its tunes that touch the heart, music has the power to increase the concentration level drastically. Spirit Voyage offers a huge array of yoga music CDs and DVDs which will assist anyone who want to learn and practice Yoga. Blessings of a woman by Satkrin Kaur Khalsa is one such Yoga DVD which pushes the women to uplift themselves to become one with God.

Women are the centre of our universe. They deserve to lead a healthy life. For making the woman of 21st century ready for the day-to-day challenges, yoga comes to aid for many of them. Yoga and meditation music will go hand-in-hand in making a woman achieve that perfect state of well-being that she desperately needs right now. Yoga music has been phenomenal in helping woman deal with the stress and the inner turmoil in these turbulent times. Yoga is beneficial for them in a way that they don't need to sweat it out in a gym as Yoga is a low-impact exercise. Women can enjoy Yoga at any age without being in top physical condition. Yoga music along with it relaxes a women to prepare her for the day-to-day challenges. The psychological benefits are immense and so are the physical changes.

At every stage of life, women can enjoy the benefits of Yoga. They will be more aware about their strengths and weaknesses. Their flexibility will improve and so will the coordination of muscles. Every system in the body gets a thorough work-out, be it cardio-vascular, respiratory and circulatory system. All the common problems in women are alleviated. For instance lower back pain before menstruation and during pregnancy subside with regular yoga exercise. During pregnancy mild yoga exercises will help the mother to remain fit without putting stress on the baby. Yoga strengthens the heart but keeps the blood pressure low. Under proper guidance, Yoga can ease a women into motherhood. Many yoga forms such as Kundalini Yoga will put any woman on top of her physical conditions.

Meditation music offered by Spirit Voyage is soothing and has been created by some of the most illuminating minds of our times. I am a woman by Yogi Bhajan is a Yoga DVD which stands out from hundreds of them available in Spirit Voyage. Yoga makes everyone happy, spirited and healthy. So, go ahead and transform yourself into a better human-being altogether.
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Yoga's Twist and Turns Advantages Scoliosis Patients

Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousand of years. It's an historical physical, mental, and non secular observe with its roots in India going again 5,000 years. Yoga, is derived from the Sanskrit root word “Yujir Yogey”, that means yoke or union. It includes the physical postures, respiratory strategies, and relaxation that has many physical advantages such as improved posture, elevated flexibility, and strength.

By combining the yoga postures with breathing consciousness, one can develop symmetrical alignment of the body. This is achieved by stretching muscle tissue which have tightened and that have grow to be weak from asymmetrical imbalance. With good structural steadiness, the body will create a more easy posture using the bone structure, slightly than overworking the muscular tissues to hold itself up.

Yoga is highly therapeutic. A few of the illnesses that can be relieved via the observe of Yoga include hyper-acidity, allergies, Alzheimer's disease, anemia, anger, anxiety, arthritis, bronchial asthma, again pain, bronchitis, most cancers, carpal tunnel syndrome, common chilly, constipation, and even depression.

Different illnesses that might be relieved by yoga practice embody:

• Diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Eye problems
• Facial wrinkles
• Gastrointestinal problems
• Headaches
• Heartburn
• Hemorrhoids
• Hepatitis
• High blood pressure
• Hypertension
• Weak immune system
• Impotence
• Menopause
• Menstrual cramps
• Migraines
• A quantity of sclerosis
• Various skin problems

Yoga practitioners also claim that the observe of the traditional exercise system is an efficient remedy for scoliosis. By method of yoga, one can discover that stability level which allows the scoliosis curve to coexist with gravity and prompts the body's natural plumb line. The end result for most people is better posture and less pain.

Scoliosis is a medical time period taken from a Greek phrase meaning 'curvature.' This illness typically develops throughout childhood and causes the backbone to curve laterally (to the facet) to the left or right. The backbone's normal curves occur on the cervical (neck), thoracic (chest), and lumbar regions (lower back). These natural curves position the pinnacle over the pelvis and work as shock absorbers to distribute mechanical stress throughout movement.

Scoliosis solely impacts a small percentage of the inhabitants, or roughly two % of the whole U.S. population. However, it has been found that scoliosis may be hereditary. If someone in the household has scoliosis, the chance of an incidence of one other case in one other member of the family is approximately 20 percent. The standard medical management of scoliosis is decided by the severity of the curvature, skeletal maturity, and likelihood of progression. The standard choices are initially by means of observation, followed by bracing and surgical procedure, and these procedures price a lot.

Although many workouts help in decreasing the scoliosis-related issues, yoga immediately helps improve the problem of uneven curves and is now considered to be one of the best scoliosis exercise. Yoga postures are useful for providing aid from scoliosis as a end result of they allow us to stretch our physique and help regain the normal form of the spine. The simplest yoga workout routines for the remedy of scoliosis-associated problems embody the Crocodile Twist, the Supine Knee Chest Twist, the Passive Again Arch and the One Leg Up-One Leg Out Posture. These exercises are very useful in elevating one’s lowered shoulder and reducing the again pain.

Psychologically, doing yoga could be very empowering. It offers hope that we can do something to improve our situation and our high quality of living. Yoga is a approach of life. Choosing to do yoga for scoliosis therapy requires commitment and interior awareness. With scoliosis, it is crucial not count on perfection however as an alternative settle for oneself, and find one's personal optimum alignment and center. As there might be magnificence in the straight alignment of a palm tree, there is also beauty of an oak tree, or human being, with it’s many twists and turns.
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How Yoga helps to Cure Asthma

Yoga is an age old Indian discipline that controls the mind, body and the soul. Through different asanas, breathing techniques and meditation, a person can achieve the highest potential and experience a perennial happiness. The discipline of yoga considers that most of the diseases and medical problems are due to deficient life force. The best way to increase the general life force is by practicing different forms of Yoga and yoga asanas, coupled with meditation.

Yoga has been used as an antidote to many chronic diseases like arthritis, spondylosis, diabetes and others. Yoga has also been a sure cure for the disease of Asthma. Asthma is basically a respiratory disorder characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways (bronchi) that channel the air to and fro the lungs. With the proper and regular practice of yoga, Asthma can be controlled and cured completely. There are several special breathing techniques that would help in controlling this disease, the most popular being the Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma. Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma involves a combination of deep and shallow breaths which help to trigger a healthy rhythm of breathing.

The different yoga asanas and pranayama are exceptionally beneficial for curing the asthma. Yoga asanas and Pranayama, control the constriction of the bronchial tubes. Pranayama in yoga aims at bringing the involuntary functions of the respiratory mechanism within human control. By practicing deep and systematic breathing through Pranayama, one can re-energize his body. Through the practice of Pranayama, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide is attained. With the proper inhaling and exhaling procedure, pranayama keeps an individual balanced in all conditions and situations. It prepares the individual for inner calmness and stillness and let him experience a deeper insight. For curing Asthma, Pranayama Yoga internally purifies and thus strengthen the lungs and the bronchiole linings. It improves asthma condition by allowing free flow of air through the bronchial tubes and air sacs in the lungs. Dirga prananyama is a helpful yoga asana that helps in slow and deep breathing exercise. Ujjayi pranayama is helpful in curing Asthma caused due to cold. Asthma caused by allergy can be avoided by Sitt Kari or Shitali pranayama. Kapalbhatti pranayama is helpful for reducing mucus congestion.

It is a proven fact that causes of asthma are both psychological and physiological. While the physiological causes being environmental extremities or viral infections, psychological symptoms like anxiety is one of the factor that leads to asthma. Psychological repression and constant emotional stress may end up in asthmatic suffering. In this regard, yoga is the best healer. Since years, yoga has been considered as the best antidote to stress and anxiety. It is an established fact that yoga is a holistic pathway towards salvation and inner peace. By calming down the fluctuations of the mind, yoga asanas coupled with meditation, channelize towards a deeper insight. Nadi Sodhana, a typical Pranayama yoga helps to cope with stress and emotional turmoil, which often triggers an asthma attack.While yoga asanas help to connect one to his/her actual "self", meditation helps to calm one's mind, leading the individual to a heightened level of awareness. Eliminating the veils of life, meditation cleanses the mind and the soul and thus a person can reach a state of emotional bliss. Yoga postures such as the Suryabheda, Ujjayi and Pada Hasthasana further helps the body regain the natural inner harmony. Easy postures such as the salutation of the sun, simple shoulder lifts complement the breathing exercises. Thus, it may be derived that practicing meditation and yoga asanas can be a sure cure to stress and anxiety, and all those severe diseases which result because of these, especially Asthma.

Music has been considered as the best healer of stress and anxiety. A yoga session, when coupled with soothing yoga music inspires a yoga aspirant to carry on with the yoga sessions with perfection. Contemporary yoga training uses music for relaxation and for guided meditations. Music is played in the background in many yoga schools during yoga and meditation sessions. Thus various record label companies have come up with different kind of yoga and meditation music CDs and DVDs. These yoga Cds and DVDs include soothing tunes and musical pieces that invoke moods for a perfect yoga session. Spirit Voyage is one of the pioneer online music store offering a variety of yoga music CDs and DVDs. Renowned artistes like Snatam Kaur, Deuter, WAH!, Deva Premal and many others have lend their voices. The Yoga DVDs on Kundalini yoga or a General Yoga DVD will create a flow of melody, thus assisting a yoga aspirant to perform the asanas with all ease. Music, with its mystic appeal, invoke strong moods and influence the subtle energy fields within the practitioner and direct his consciousness towards higher realms.

Spirit Voyage also offers audio instruction CDs which helps a practitioner to perform the yoga asanas with utmost perfection. The yoga books offered by Spirit Voyage helps an individual to guide himself to deeper insights about he discipline of yoga. Each books contain in-depth and detail instructions about various forms of yoga. The images and the detailed explanations about the different yoga postures will surely help an individual to gain valuable resources on yoga and its different asanas. Spirit Voyage offers books on Kundalini Yoga, General Yoga Books, Children Yoga books and many others.

A meditation session when accompanied by meditation music relaxes and calms the ambiance. The mind of the meditator thus can focus on a fixed point and gradually can attain a spiritual insight and consciousness. Spirit Voyage offers a number of meditation music CDs like Mind and Meditation by Yogi Bhajan, Radiance - Music for Morning Meditation by Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa, Ong by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa are some of the music CDs that will evoke a perfect mood for meditation. Early Morning Sadhana, a Meditation and Yoga DVD by Nirvair Singh Khalsa is also a helpful companion during the daily meditation and yoga session.

Yoga, by stabilizing the body's immune system ensures the healthy state of the individual. The practice of yoga liberates one from the material bindings of the world. Spirit Voyage Music leads one towards the way for reaching a spiritual high, whereby, a human being can realize the divine connection of oneness with the Supreme.
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